Ian D. Walters, MA, LMFT

Individual, Couple and Family Psychotherapy in Issaquah, WA

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A Holistic Approach

I hold a humanistic view of counseling and wellness. I believe everyone is equipped with the potential to heal and fully experience a life well-lived; however, this potential is sometimes stifled by our past hurts, present fears or a feeling of simply being stuck. While diagnostic language is sometimes helpful and necessary, my therapeutic approach views human suffering through a non-pathologizing lens. I see humanistic, client-centered treatment as a more powerful, humane and effective alternative to the medical model of mental health care.

I will listen to your story and attune to the impact of important experiences as they relate to your therapeutic goals. Together, we will work to identify the struggles, beliefs, and wounds that might be holding you back. We will identify and build on the strengths that serve you well and have carried you this far. I use a client-centered treatment approach tailored to each individual or relationship. Clients report my ability to attune to their specific needs, challenges and goals helps them feel seen, heard and understood. I help clients ask themselves deeper and more insightful questions while discovering new possibilities for living congruently and authentically.




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